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Walings and Connections

For longer lengths walings can be joined by splice sections. These should be located at a distance of 0.28 of the anchor spacing from an anchor location as this will be close to the position of minimum bending moment in the waling. The walings should be ordered 100 mm longer than the theoretical dimensions to allow for any creep which may develop in the wall as the piles are driven. Splice connections can be welded or bolted, if bolted only one end of the waling length is drilled for splicing to match the splice hole pattern. The other end is supplied plain for cutting and drilling on site, after the actual length required has been determined. Where inclined ties are used, the vertical component of the anchor load must not be overlooked and provision must be made to support the waling, usually in the form of brackets or welded connections. Where sheet pile anchor walls are used, similar walings to those at the retaining wall are required. These are always placed behind the anchor piles and consequently no waling bolts are required.

Waling splice detail
                  Waling splice detail

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