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Tie Rods For Marine Projects
Tie Rods For Marine Projects
Sheet pile walls can be strengthened using steel tie rods or round steel tie bars to connect to anchorages allowing taller wharf walls for port facilities or abutments. Correct design of anchorage or tie back systems is vital for the stability of the structure as the main cause of failure for tied retaining walls is attributed to the tie rods, sheet piles. Tie rods are typically fabricated from round steel bars ensuring loads are safely transmitted from the retaining wall to the anchorage point.
Shenli Group supply a number of solutions to meet the various anchorage situations.Traditional fixed ‘plate & nut’ connections can be used which initially are very economic but often do not allow for future movement in the structure such as settlement. Best practice in sheet pile anchorage design will use articulated tie rods which allow movement from its initial installation line to counter the effects of settlement in the structure. More ports can be built in by using upset forged threads which reduces the stress at sheet pile to tie rod connections.
Shenli Group offers a range of long, high-quality, tie rods made of round steel with connections including; upset threads, forged eyes, forged T-heads and forged spherical ends.We can also offer sheet piles manufactured in China.
Shenli Group marine tie rods, connections meet this requirement and are manufactured under ISO 9001 and EN1090 independently audited quality systems. This has allowed Shenli Group to successfully supply many projects around the world.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about tie rods or steel sheet piles. We can provide you with professional advice and support for all aspects of tied quay walls from waling beams, waling bolts, sheet piles. If you have any questions concerning tied sheet pile construction, port construction, marine construction etc please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tie Rods For Marine Projects
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