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Polyethylene anti-corrosion tape introduction

Product introduction
Polyethylene anticorrosive tape is an anticorrosive material that is thermally laminated by a rubber layer with butyl rubber as the main component to a base material layer with polyethylene as the main component, also known as pipeline anticorrosive tape. The anticorrosive layer structure is a composite structure consisting of primer, anticorrosive adhesive tape (inner tape) and adhesive protection tape (outer tape) or an anticorrosive layer structure consisting of primer and anticorrosive adhesive tape. Polyethylene anti-corrosion adhesive tape is also called pipeline anti-corrosion adhesive tape, polyethylene cold-wrap tape, composite polyethylene adhesive tape.
Product information
Product name: polyethylene anti-corrosion tape
Product material: PE + butyl rubber
Thickness: 0.36, 0.4, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6 mm
Product color: black, gray, white, yellow
Product bidness: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 230, 300, 450, 500,
500. 1000mm
Product characteristics
1. uniform adhesive layer, good initial adhesion, cohesive force, good fluidity, self-repair, no bubble generation
2. Strong affinity between substrate and adhesive layer, no deglueing in storage and construction
3. No holes, voltage resistance, good insulation effect, can stop the natural conditions of motor aggression
4. Good heat resistance and aging resistance, strong UV resistance, suitable for various environmental conditions
5,Proper elongation, not easy to break, high strength, impact resistance
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