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Viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape Use of method

In order to use viscoelastic anticorrosive tape to achieve good anticorrosive effect, the following aspects should be noted: First, ensure that the surface of the pipe is smooth and clean, free of oil, dust and other foreign substances to avoid affecting the adhesion of viscoelastic anticorrosive tape; Second, control the construction temperature and choose a suitable construction environment to ensure the quality of construction; Finally, pay attention to the quality of the tape and choose a reliable quality anticorrosive tape. Avoid the use of poor quality tape, resulting in poor anti-corrosion effect.
The construction of viscoelastic anti-corrosion tape is very simple, only need to apply primer on the surface of the pipe, and then wrap the anti-corrosion tape around the pipe, very convenient and quick. Its construction effect is very significant, and can effectively isolate the pipeline and chemical substances and other adverse environmental contact, to achieve long-term stable anti-corrosion effect. In addition, the viscoelastic anticorrosive tape has good flexibility and can adapt to various shapes of pipe surfaces, perfectly fitting the surface of the pipe, forming a uniform anticorrosive layer and improving the overall anticorrosive performance of the pipe.
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